About Superstudio Group

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In 1983 the journalists/publishers Fabio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli, driven by the necessity to provide the city with organized and flexible spaces to meet the needs of the fashion, communication and creative fields, decided to create Superstudio Group. With its two extensive and renowned locations – the historic photographic studios of Superstudio 13 in via Forcella 13 and the huge versatile exhibition and cultural center of Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27 – the Superstudio name has become an engaging part of the city excellences, iconic places rhyming with edginess, innovation, image and quality.

Superstudio 13 is the location where sartorial fashion shooting take place, the first and most popular studio complex equipped for any taste and need. The right location also for small exhibitions, showrooms, fashion shows and presentations. Superstudio 13, directed since its debut by Danilo Pasqua, is the privileged gathering center of photographers, art directors, editors, stylists and creatives. During these years it has become an iconic place that contributed to the growth of the fashion world, the place where the most impressive advertising campaigns are born, the most wanted personalities are portrayed, the best photographers and art directors like to work in while in Milan. 13 photo studios for any type of request, cyclo and limbo studios, daylight and modular studios with electrical walls. Equipment rentals, paper and fabric backdrops, setups.

Superstudio Più is a modern, versatile and transversal multi-location, a great space open to the city and to important international events, designed to meet the needs of the most dynamic operators and public within the fashion, art, design, communication, culture and entertainment fields, which nowadays are becoming ever more interconnected. Spacious (with a total surface of up to 10 thousand square meters), flexible, darkened or day-lighted, with spaces that can be divided or assembled, equipped with heating and air-conditioning, perfect for big events, exhibitions, conventions, fairs, fashion shows, corporate and private parties, shows, dance performances.



Fashion is in Superstudio’s dna from the photographic studios Superstudio 13, to fashion shows (also on a big scale), permanent and temporary showrooms, presentations, fairs and halls. Four times a year it also hosts WHITE (Woman and Man), the trendiest and most innovative fashion fair, with the International showroom Tomorrow.


In 2000 Superstudio decided to open its spaces to architects, designers and furniture companies during the April Design Week held in the Rho Fair and thanks to its intuition, the entire area later became the great center of the contemporary Tortona Design Week. Superstudio Group participates with an ambitious project: the “Superdesign Show”, added to the already known “Temporary Museum for New Design”, distinguished by the original “less fair and more museum” format, set on 10.000 square meters, displaying through impressive presentations and installations the best proposals within the international design panorama. Moreover, other exhibitions, presentations and initiatives take place all year around.


Three different sized galleries at Superstudio Più: art.box, a street showcase for small installations; MyOwnGallery, a sophisticated conceptgallery that can be rented for selected exhibitions; UnderGallery, Flavio Lucchini’s gallery-archive, the resident artist. Several are the exhibitions and fairs, directly organized or hosted, among which (con)TemporaryArt, AAF Affordable Art Fair, the photographic exhibition MIA Milan Image Art Fair. We also provide professional advice, contemporary art projects and street-art.


Superstudio Group has become the ideal location for edgy and innovative small fairs and niche exhibitions over the past few years, open to the operators or the public, distinguished by the elegant atmosphere and warm reception, the effective and flexible organization. Among the recurrent events: White (innovative fashion), Superdesign Show/ Temporary Museum for New Design (international design), Home and Spa Design (wellness), Campus (university and education), AAF (affordable art), MIA (fine art photography), Yoga Festival Milano (yoga festival) and Photoshow (the most important Italian festival dedicated to the world of Imaging). The most important international companies, but also small companies or private clients, choose Superstudio Più which every time turns into a location of unforgettable events.


The art of good cuisine is a trend at Superstudio, which proves to be able to turn into “the citadel of taste” with top Chefs, master classes, creative labs, show cooking, talks, high level performances and the best of italian and international wine and food. Among the hosted events: Taste of Milano (international food and wine festival) SuperBar (the first barshow in Italy), Golosaria (culture and taste fair), Langosteria Fish Bar (a sophisticated temporary restaurant with the best of seafood), Cake Festival (festival dedicated to Cake Design, Patisserie, Chocolate and Ice Cream)..


Both locations within their areas are equipped with a restaurant-bar, open during the day (at night by request only), catering and any kind of support for the hosted events and services. At Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27, Dada Café, with a roof open during the summer, offers a lively and creative atmosphere with a-là-carte menu and a buffet. At Superstudio 13 in via Forcella 13, Superstudio Cafè, designed by Michele De Lucchi, with furniture in natural wood and a pleasant outdoor area, offers a fast or refined service for the photographic studios and the creative people working in the area.


Superstudio Group was founded and is currently managed by renowned creative talents with important international experiences within the publishing, journalism, art-direction, art, theatre, television, communication, fashion fields. This allows a thorough and extensive consultancy service, satisfying all the needs of the events hosted in its locations or outdoors: creative projects, direction, choreography, artistic direction, communication and press-office, graphics, videos, photos, catalogues, publications, etc.