Exhibitors 2017

AGC Asahi Glass (Japan)



AGC Asahi Glass exhibits unique glass works designed by artist Jin Kuramoto in collaboration with the famous studio Raw-Edges and invites you to reach out and touch them. At the “TOUCH” installation, you will enjoy the varied “feel of glass” created with advanced technologies. These glass works will tickle your sense of curiosity. They were created by designers who viewed glass from the new “sense of touch” perspective, based on the abundance of expressions added with AGC’s advanced glass processing technologies. By actually touching these works, visitors will have a new experience that is full of surprises. With a focus on the human senses, glass has been transformed from an object that conventionally partitions, decorates and protects into a material that is designed for people to touch. Through the “feel of glass,” AGC will discover new value in glass and unleash its potential.