In accordance with this year’s theme TIME TO COLOR!, the exhibition “Hand + Art + Design” presents three new solo-exhibits by artist-designers each one standing out in a specific sector for originality and substance of their hand made creations, all of them one-of-kind or limited editions.


Alessandro Ciffo  creates splendours with silicon often used instead of traditional materials, highly coloured objects and furniture, but also transparent and delicate one like Murano glasses.


MURANO 5.0 is born thanks to the synchronicity of two events: the discovering of a new type of silicon that allows  to obtain large transparencies and an elevate consistency and a visit to a Murano furnace where I met some of the best glass-workers experts. Fascinated by their reinforced gestures, their know how and their history, I tried to imagine how I could have used this new material and my working techniques to create an illusion. Retracing and drawing inspiration from the history of glass of the 900, I began to draw the same objects, imitating their shapes, discovering that the most captivating pieces were the ones that, besides deluding, they expressed the typical freshness of the silicon. The “MURANO 5.0” collection is therefore inspired by the reflection of what my hands can make from glass and what would happen if a glass-worker expert would try to use the silicon. The experience of a manufacture practiced on a flexible material instead of a fragile one.” – Alessandro Ciffo


The Iperbolica armchair in the Mondrian Edition and a big multicolor amphora complete his exhibition.