Exhibitors 2019

Boffi (Italia) / SUPERHOTEL


SUPERHOTEL is the new special project curated by Giulio Cappellini. An International and yet deeply Italian hotel that mixes specially made top handicraft and industrial products. A restaurant with different areas describes the world’s cuisines, whereas various types of suites, a large lounge and a gym complete the project. Technology and products intersect one another in a totally natural and contemporary way. A design hotel where you can feel at home anywhere in the world, under the name of diversity with a completely different vision to the uniformity the of hotels of any category.


Boffi on show at  SUPERHOTEL:

The secret of the “K” collection by Norbert Wangen is the ability to understand how to aesthetically tie in both flexibility and functionality in the ‘kitchen cube’. An on-going conceptual development, the series continues to address these challenges. As the first ever K2 pioneered the idea of a monoblock featuring a sliding top with a dual function: concealing the working area when the not in use and also serving as a table top. K6, within Cappellini’s Superhotel project, reinvents movement: its worktop slides alongside the depth and not the kitchen length.