Exhibitors 2019

Caimi (Italy) / SUPERHOTEL


SUPERHOTEL is the new special project curated by Giulio Cappellini. An International and yet deeply Italian hotel that mixes specially made top handicraft and industrial products. A restaurant with different areas describes the world’s cuisines, whereas various types of suites, a large lounge and a gym complete the project. Technology and products intersect one another in a totally natural and contemporary way. A design hotel where you can feel at home anywhere in the world, under the name of diversity with a completely different vision to the uniformity the of hotels of any category.


Caimi on show at  SUPERHOTEL:

SNOWSOUND ARTGillo DorflesGio Ponti

Snowsound Art is a project by Caimi Brevetti that aims at a journey to discover new ways to bring together art and design. Collection of Snowsound sound absorbing panels on which are reproduced drawings by Gillo Dorfles and Gio Ponti.

V-FLAP – Alberto and Francesco Meda

Snowsound sound absorbing panels suspended in an inclined position that generate the image of wings flying in space.


Acoustic fabric made of soft polyester fibers that are intrinsically fireproof and interconnected. The interaction between Snowsound Fiber and air allows you to control the reverberation by precisely adjusting the acoustic response of the environment.