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Your ideas, your reflections are important and illuminating. We keep eyes open on innovation that touches fashion, art, design, photography, communication, technology, the environment, progress. We open the magazine to the collaboration of our readers for an extended panorama of the world of creativity and events told by “us”, of which you, you, are part.


An infinite lockdown has blocked companies, projects, events, production, sociality, work, life itself. For long weeks only communication especially virtual  was opened, websites, social network, newspapers, blogs, posts, messenger, streams, twitter, zoom, meet, teams, skype, webinar, whatsup, youtube, tiktok, instagram, pinterest, and all those forms of human contact and information exchange that do not need physical presence. @AT, magazine founded eleven years ago first of all as an information sheet of the activities and projects of Superstudio and its related companies, has recently landed online with this digital version, expanded, updated every day, available for free. But it is not enough. From today it opens to our followers, our customers, our friends, to people interested in our world, that of events, fashion, art, photography, humanized technology, design, innovation in general. With a focus on Milan and an international opening. We believe, in fact, that the time for sharing, for “us”, for thinking together, horizontally and publicly, has come. Ask, write, photograph, join the team, send us your questions, your pieces, your images, your videos, your thoughts that reflect on the contemporary and that may affect our target. Everything will be read and examined and, as happens in the newsrooms, the contributions considered best, or more relevant, will be published and signed. (All contributions, freely chosen by the editorial staff, will be considered voluntary and as such unpaid). Happy to have you among our collaborators.

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