Special Projects

Gisella Borioli, Owner-CEO of Superstudio Group and creator of the Superdesign Show, nominated Design Ambassador for Osaka city, presents the case history of Superstudio, international hub born in 1983 that has been the boost for the redevelopment of a whole district of the city, on the 1st of March at Knowledge Capital in Osaka.

This year, Italian Design Day presented as theme initiative by Italian Institute of Culture of Osaka strengthens in the name of relevance and concreteness, the bond with Milan Design Week and with the City of Milan, thanks to the participation of Gisella Borioli and of Superstudio Group.

The participation turns out to be even more significant in light of the institutional attention that the Municipality of Osaka assigned to host EXPO 2025 and the Municipality of Milan, sister cities, have offered this phase on the subject of Italian design inside the artistic and creative show Milano Genius by our Institute” Stefano Fossati, Director of Italian Institute of Culture of Osaka.

The conference presents also:

SUPERSTUDIO LOVES JAPAN: a journey through the most spectacular installations by brands, designers and architects from Japan that have exhibited at Superdesign Show, a speech by Chiara Ferella Falda, Director of Communication and Special Projects of Superstudio.

TAKE A SEAT: a project born in collaboration with Asian Studies Group, Institute of Culture Osaka and Superstudio. The iconic chair of design, an idea for a cross contest Milan-Osaka, with final exhibition at Superdesign Show of Milan from 9th to 14th of April.


INFO: Free entrance, reservation is required