Exhibitors 2019

Gobbetto (Italy)

“Resin Arcade”


Following the celebration of “60 YEARS OF GOBBETTO”, Gobbetto’s intense journey moves on towards new proposals and interpretations, more and more “custom resin surfaces”: Gobbetto resin, extremely flexible, plastic and chameleonic suits design and architecture with multiple purposes: to cover floors, walls and very different surfaces with specially-made solutions based on density, colour and material. 

With RESIN ARCADE, a project for the Fuorisalone 2019 created by GIULIO CAPPELLINI and on show at Superstudio Più, Gobbetto expresses completely the endless practical potentiality of its resins, giving a very up-to-date and architectonical interpretation. In addition to new trendy finishings proposed for 2019, Gobbetto continues the stylistic yet experimental and product-oriented research: DEGA ENERGY, new entry of the year, is in fact the first patented magnetic resin and presented on this occasion, created by Gobbetto to widen the possibilities of use of this material.