Special Projects

Living outdoor throughout the year, without giving up comfort and relax, is the new trend of today and the future. Our generation, caught between work and daily routine spends most time in indoor, low-lighted and poorly ventilated, unhealthy spaces. Often forced to live “inside”, we more and more long for being  “outside”, surrounded by nature.  Superstudio is always looking to the future, detecting and promoting new trends. This year, one of Superdesign Show 2020 special projects, led by Gisella Borioli with the artistic supervision by Giulio Cappellini is OUTDOOR GENERATION, curated by Donatella Bollani, architect and journalist.

National and International protagonists of the outdoor world, architects, designers and companies present interesting new entries of 2020:  from the most innovative solutions to the most functional ones, designed for either public or small home spaces. Little buildings and pergolas, living areas, for fitness, for study or work meetings, for fun and staying on the beach and lakefronts; equipped for today’s needs of non-stop connectivity, not just data but also electricity, as an environment friendly support to two or four wheels mobility.