Exhibitors 2016


Piemonte Design is a group of 7 companies from Piemonte, North-Western Italian region, that will exhibit from the 12th to the 17th of April at SuperDesign Show (via Tortona 27, Milan), the ideal location where to find the Italian and international design excellences.

Piemonte exhibitors belong to different sectors, but they all share an history of uniqueness and an exceptional combination of design and craftsmanship. They propose original interior and exterior furnishings re-thought according to the new smart living and smart city trends. Pottery, wood, steel, marble, leather, glass, and even ceramic and titanium for the fashion jewellery collections, are the materials they use: the resulting objects harmoniously combine tradition and innovation.

HOM (www.homwarm.com) a innovative elettric heaters;

Cavallaro Casa Torino (www.italianstylewood.com) Italian manufacturer of luxury interiors;

Jamais Sans Toi (www.jamaissanstoi.it) handmade ceramic jewels;

Alessandra Scarfò Design (www.mercidiculto.com) design firm of interiors & products;

Canavisia (www.canavisia.com) new concepts of smart living and smart cities;

AMlab (www.am-lab.it) creative laboratory of interior design;

Sologioia (www.sologioia.com) titanio jewels.