Exhibitors 2019

Sicis (Italy) / SUPERHOTEL


SUPERHOTEL is the new special project curated by Giulio Cappellini. An International and yet deeply Italian hotel that mixes specially made top handicraft and industrial products. A restaurant with different areas describes the world’s cuisines, whereas various types of suites, a large lounge and a gym complete the project. Technology and products intersect one another in a totally natural and contemporary way. A design hotel where you can feel at home anywhere in the world, under the name of diversity with a completely different vision to the uniformity the of hotels of any category.


Sicis on show at  SUPERHOTEL:


The project was born from a research related to Japanese art . The collection evokes naturalistic, figurative and decorative oriental art by the Japanese painter Ito Jakuchu. The choice of colors, more than 390, which only Sicis produces and which reflect the typical palette of Japanese painting, are the special features of these works.  The panels are elaborated with the artistic mosaic technique, where each individual tessera is cut and placed by hand by mosaic masters.


Sicis creative teams have been inspired by the ancient Chinese amphorae to make these objects, after a research on the designs and colors that were used for the decorations, in the different dynasties. They are made with the technique of artistic mosaic with tesserae in vitreous paste, in gold and platinum.