Special Projects

Forty years ago the Tortona District was the semi-peripheral industrial area of Milan, the one of the first Superstudio founded by the journalists-editors couple Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli (later on, after the exit of business partner Fabrizio Ferri, renamed Superstudio 13) that had as mission the image of fashion with photographic studios and all connected services. In 2000, a few steps away, Superstudio Più was born, a cultural/commercial hub open to fashion, design, art, innovation, the first of its kind in the city. Twenty years later, Superstudio, responding to the creative need of the city, takes up the challenge of Milan 2030 including the suburbs, supported by the Mayor Sala and the local administration. 2020 will be year 0 of Superstudio Maxi, the new location that will be added to “13” and “Più” to bring more beauty, culture, innovation, vitality in the “Moncucco district” already alive with the presence of Iulm University, with the “big names” architectures installed in an exceptionally green area touched by the Lambro canal. Superstudio Maxi owes its name to its 10.000 sq.m area, including a single floor of 7.200 sq.m of covered exhibiting space with maximum capacity of 3.400 people simultaneously, the largest private exhibition space in Milan. Born from a renovation of an iron and steel disused factory, the new location respects and regenerates the original industrial structure, providing all the necessary and sustainable technologies and systems, covered by a transformable “skin”, ready to change aspect through the participation of various artists, chosen every year. The first facade, designed by Flavio Lucchini on the mood “colour in the city” plays with cheerful and irregular geometries only interrupted by the huge led wall serving as entrance to the enormous hall. The beating heart, operating all year long, will be the overhead “Vision Room”, a multi-purpose room for conferences, presentations, labs, meetings, video showings, projections. Superstudio Maxi has further exceptional features: it is surrounded by a large park, is located close to the underground station and a bike path, is well connected to the whole city by the circular bus line, by through motorways and ring roads, a public parking lot accommodating about 2230 cars is available in the vicinity, besides the wide private parking lot. The opening is foreseen on the occasion of Fuorisalone, April 2020. The whole Superstudio group will present an “only the best” project located in its three venues, well connected with a continuous round shuttle bus service. Here below, Superstudio Maxi’s renderings.