About Superdesign Show

Superstudio Group, with its two locations Superstudio Più and Superstudio 13, has been the pioneer right from 2000 of the project that moved design outside of the Fair institutional headquarter combining with other ways of dissemination, during Design Week in April, in Tortona District, from where it then spread all over the city. A real citizen phenomenon, imitated also in other milanese districts and studied as case history all over the world.

The top-quality project, commitment, and selection project by Superstudio, and selection by Superstudio has, over the years, changed name (from Design Connection to Temporary Museum for New Design to Superdesign Show) but has always been directed by Gisella Borioli, CEO of Superstudio Group with the collaboration of Giulio Cappellini, designer art director and star protagonist of the design world, earning unique and international reputation and prestige that involved the whole city of Milan. A different theme every year characterizes and combines spaces conforming the exhibitors and anticipating contemporary trends.

Today’s Supersdesign Show, in the two locations in via Tortona and via Forcella, with a coordinated direction and a common theme, presents in a “less fair and more museum” way the latest trends from all the world of design, but also technology, life-style, in an overview that combines under the name of quality, top brands and start-ups, archistars and young designers, industrial productions and top-quality craft proposals.

NEWS 2020 Superstudio Maxi in via Moncucco in Milan, new hub for art, design, fashion, lifestyle, innovation, culture and communication. Superstudio Maxi, the new location that will be added to “13” and “Più” to bring more beauty, culture, innovation, vitality in the “Moncucco district” already alive with the presence of Iulm University, with the “big names” architectures installed in an exceptionally green area touched by the Lambro canal. Superstudio Maxi owes its name to its 10.000 sq.m area, including a single floor of 7.200 sq.m of covered exhibiting space with maximum capacity of 3.400 people simultaneously, the largest private exhibition space in Milan.

An operational team and a communication office are active all year with continuous promotions and initiatives also connected abroad, among which the quarterly @AT magazine on paper and downloadable online, in Italian and English.

Superdesign attracts about 100.000 visitors and 2.000 journalists, mainly professionals, also with days dedicated to simple design lovers and Italian and foreign students.