A focus on the world of architecture is offered through videos and talks in a dedicated environment, the Vision Room. The schedule is full of in-depth, open and versatile talks, with many videos, presentations, and meeting alternating for the entire course of the event.


Magnetti Building (recently acquired by the Grigolin Group), in a stunning parametric room in which the lines come unpredictably alive, presents with a video installation the important restoration of the Donizetti Theater in Bergamo achieved with avant-garde techniques and prefabs. Magnetti Building is also the builder to whom we entrusted the regeneration of the old abandoned steel factory in Via Moncucco, now turned into a beautiful location for trade fairs and cultural events renamed Superstudio Maxi to emphasize the exceptional magnitude of its single large hall suitable for trade fairs and large-scale meetings.

In the nearby Talk&Meet room, a daily video illustrates the third Superstudio location Superstudio Maxi and the brand new Superstudio CyberSpace platform, a virtual version of our space and the events it contains. 

And more: the editor Matrix4Design and journalist Laura Ragazzola invite you to follow ““Un architetto italiano a…,” a video reportage in the world’s most famous architecture studios directed by an Italian who will reveal their goals and secrets.  

The most special of the series was architect Monica Tricario, expert in sustainability in social and architecture, who showed up on “Women’s Day” talk. She is a co-founding partner of Piuarch Studio, one of the most famous firms in Milan, author of important buildings in the city and projects for major international fashion brands, including Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Fendi and Givenchy, and Prada.