Despite our gaze turning to the metaverse where we will discover the worlds of our dreams, there is still a strong desire for comfort, for a home-cocoon that, however small, should be reassuring and welcoming. Rooms with different styles and from different countries can be found in the CASE COZY COSI section. 


By combining soft shapes, minimal design and human technology, a stimulating exchange beyond borders can be generated to create environments that are characterized by high levels of living wellness, while introducing a sentimental design that draws on familiar memories to create innovative environments. Young designer Gaspar Bonta of Egyenes Labirintus Kör is inspired by his memories as a child and his grandparents, both artists. From Poland the living rooms designed by Sits with reassuring sustainability in the choice of materials and production methods. Mui Lab‘s essential and tech sitting room from Japan has sensitive motion sensors that regulate lighting, temperature, and sounds independently. From Singapore the passpartout furnishings by OBJKT Studio. Perhaps the most compelling last-minute presence is Noom, the Ukrainian company that, despite the war, was able to finish the production of a symbolic living room designed by Kateryna Sokolova and take it to the Settimana del Design. Finally, on Kateryna’s recommendation, we have also added Dmitriy Slinkov’s two contemporary pieces, a pouf and a small table by Woo

From Italy many interesting ideas: Elli Design contemporary pieces of 100% recycled plastic, realized through additive manufacture in a dialogue between nature – with its perfect imperfection – craftsmanship and innovation. 

Lighting is central to the creation of high visual impact environments by Icone Luce with the collection of recent lamps, designed by Marco Pagnoncelli, simple in their shapes but precious in their materials, accompanied by other acknowledged design icons. Then, the half-sphere to purify the air by My Air Pure with the project Space by Giorgio d’Alessandro and innovative domotic solutions by Black Nova.