Daniele Cima


An intriguing and provocative exhibition kicks off the Superdesign Show 2024. It impresses with the beauty and strength of the artworks, intriguing for what the subjects imply. Why not?, a question written in all languages ​​of the world and illustrated with various graphics on large double-sided totems, invites us to venture into rugged and unknown paths, which could hold wonderful surprises. Intersections between art, graphics, design, and cosmopolitanism. They also speak to us about peace.

For over thirty years, Daniele Cima has been an Art Director and Creative Director in the most prestigious advertising agencies in Milan, earning a high reputation among Italian creatives, who consider him a reference point. He is particularly appreciated for his ability to combine rigor with visual experimentation and his keen sensitivity to aesthetic appeal. Since the new millennium, Cima has been predominantly dedicated to pure art, through the creation of several series of artistic projects characterized by precise basic concepts, accompanied by executions of remarkable graphic acrobatics, especially in the field of lettering.

His latest creation is “Why not?”, an answer disguised as a question, which the artist has turned into a sort of programmatic manifesto, a declaration of openness to innovation, research, and challenge. Like French fries and pizza, the expression “Why not?” is known and widespread worldwide, and has always been a stimulus for progress for all peoples and generations. Cima has translated it into 42 different languages, each with its own graphic language, reproduced on 42 canvases measuring two meters by two meters. A concept and a series of artworks that have found a natural placement in “Thinking different”, the theme of Superdesignshow 2024: “Why not?” almost seems to be the ancestor of “Thinking different”, it certainly complements it. The artworks presented at the Superstudioshow in a dedicated space can be “adopted” by companies and other entities for the duration of the event.