FLA FlavioLucchiniArt Museum

The “museum of business” of the Superstudio, the FLA FlavioLucchiniArt Museum welcomes us with a renewed exhibition where the boundary between art and design becomes increasingly intangible. From black-and-white contrasts and optical games to the extraordinarily beautiful Gold works, to the “marshmallow” colored gypsum sculptures, each element offers us only a taste of the incredible production of the artist. It is the underground section of the museum, almost hidden and secret, that astonishes with the grandeur and number of Flavio Lucchini‘s works on display, 634 to be exact. 18 rooms follow one another, each with a theme and a different type of work, expertly contaminated by the iconic furnishings of Cappellini signed by the greatest and most original designers. The Lab space, dedicated to hosting emerging artists, hosts the installation “Bring me a Higher Love” by the young artist and designer Sebastiano Pelli, sculptures and material paintings where the gleams of gold (actually brass macerated with waste materials such as orange peels and coffee) meet the water element contained in a large central sculpture in burnished iron and brass. In a historical moment of great disorientation, it is an almost ancestral reflection on the need for beauty, light, and purity that we all need, which fits well with the sacredness of Lucchini’s totemic sculptures.