George P. Johnson Japan/Yutaka

Think Different One-fab object “Be a thinker”

Onefabrica employs pioneering and sustainable technology to construct shapes from aluminum tubes and textiles. Renowned for their reusability and environmental consciousness, Onefabrica’s attributes find frequent application in the creation of furnishings and installations.

In response to the thematic framework of this year’s exhibition, ‘Think Different”, we leverage the distinctive features of Onefabrica — namely, its lightweight nature, innovative tube bending and stitching techniques, and vibrant printing — to devise artifacts designed to stimulate intellectual engagement. We contend that the act of contemplation can at times be arduous. In an era characterized by the ubiquitous availability of information at the mere touch of a button, one might question the extent to which independent thought and decision-making truly occur. The responsibility thus lies with the individual to imbue this object with significance and to determine its utility.

Embrace the ethos of reflective innovation!