LAPILLI con FoodDesignStories


To dream of different routes, here is a virtuous meeting between the LAPILLI Brand and the collective Food Design Stories, which for the third year exhibits in Superstudio, this time in one area exhibition imagined as timeless, placeless, weightless. We will talk about an almost “zero” degree of lightness … like on the moon and how lightness of impact on the planet that FDS has long supported in the search for designers and sustainable companies.

The architect Sandra Faggiano, Caterina Misuraca and Onofrio Acone created the concept WE ARE ON THE MOON! A place where visitors will discover the world of LAPILLI in an emotional journey made up of collections of lava stone coverings, lines of furniture and prototypes winners of the LAPILLI Contest, organized for the reuse of waste of production, and will walk in the “MoonTunnel”, a dedicated focus area to the creations of independent designers curated by FDS.