TABLE to TABLE: Zero-Waste Circular Agriculture

Addressing social and environmental challenges involves thinking differently and prioritizing the future, a commitment embraced by businesses globally. Japanese company DG TAKANO exemplifies this ethos through its meliordesign brand, tackling domestic water wastage head-on.

Water scarcity and food waste are among society’s most pressing issues, carrying substantial economic burdens. Meliordesign is dedicated to alleviating these challenges. Introducing “TABLE to TABLE: Zero-Waste Circular Agriculture,” a circular system prototype extracting nutrients from table scraps for agricultural reuse, the company showcases its dedication to innovative, sustainable solutions. Already an industry leader, DG TAKANO’s meliordesign brand offers the water-saving “Bubble 90” faucet and dishware featuring technology that eliminates dirt without detergents. These products not only signify technological progress but also underscore the company’s tangible commitment to environmental and social sustainability