next125 is Schüller’s international premium brand. Inspired by the values of the Bauhaus movement, craftsmanship and architecture are being connected with the latest industrial manufacturing techniques. Based on the architectonic grid system of 125mm, next125 intertwines clear lines andprecise fabrication with individuality and elegance. Creative Makers, people, who shape, live or inspire next125, are the brand presence’s focal point and source of intriguing narratives.

This year, at the Superdesign Show, it unveils an experimental wooden pavilion that harmonizes the language of archaic and organic design from Burkina Faso-based architecture pioneer, Francis Kéré, with the pristine aesthetics of the company’s offerings. Kéré remarked, “Working with next125 on The Fireplace immediately transported me back to my childhood. I travelled from the Bavarian town of Herrieden to the Burkinan village of Gando, back to my roots so to speak.”