Semantic surfaces

Revolutionizing the home furnishing experience with an unprecedented fusion of beauty, uniqueness, and creativity, NOBI emerges as a guiding light in contemporary furniture design. Founded on the principle of offering something extraordinary, the Tuscan company epitomizes excellence through meticulous attention to detail and object surfaces, effectively transforming living spaces into dynamic works of art. NOBI stands out for its intrinsic philosophy of crafting each piece as unique and extraordinary. These are not mere furnishings, but rather functional masterpieces that elevate spaces into timeless realms of beauty.

In narrating a fresh perspective on contemporary living, NOBI collaborates with Studio Cisotti Laube, a duo dedicated to exploring modern living concepts. The studio continually explores novel ways of inhabiting spaces, reimagining the domestic environment as both intimate and communal. Their collection, comprising storage units, tables, chairs, and mirrors, is distinguished by its ornamental designs, rescuing objects from mundane existence and elevating them into a realm of almost dreamlike allure.