Perujis: Rethinking Archetypes

The Perujis (Peru + Emojis) are characters inspired by archetypes of Peruvian reality, transferred to contemporary Pop Art and design. These reinvent military leaders, religious figures such as saints or nuns, soccer and entertainment stars, or emblematic figures of families such as the matriarchal “nonna”, to comment on a reality that exits not only in Latin America, but is common to humanity.

The “Perujis” are in turn a “spin-off” of a world called “Yute and Tocuyo’s Imaquinarium”, where two robot inventors, Yute and Tocuyo, archetypes of the thinker and the doer respectively, travel through their world of scrap metal to find their creator and answer common existential questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? What am I here for?