The Good Plastic Company

The Good Plastic Company, a global leader in the manufacturing of sustainable surface materials, is collaborating with the Superdesign Show for Milan Design Week 2024. The focal point of this collaboration is the creation of reception furniture crafted from Polygood®, made 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, produced by The Good Plastic Company. Sourced from diverse post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste streams, including items like refrigerators and single-use cutlery, Polygood® champions a comprehensive approach to recycling.

Using 2025kg of recycled plastic, The Good Plastic Company has created unique furniture pieces for the Superdesign Show’s reception area at the venue, Superstudio Più. From benches to shelves, each item demonstrates the beauty and durability of Polygood®, inviting everyone to appreciate sustainable design.

Hello, Earth Speaking

Brand experience agency StudioXAG and surface material manufacturer The Good Plastic Company bring you “Hello, Earth Speaking“, an installation featuring Earth personified, complete with arms, legs and microphone. With a shared vision for a better future, with more responsible design practices, they invite you to join in a conversation face-to-face with Earth. Visitors encounter the voice of our planet and are encouraged to respond, reflecting on the choices they make as creatives and their impact on the Earth.

Designed by StudioXAG and created using Polygood®, 100% recycled and recyclable surface material by The Good Plastic Company, the collaboration aims to show how spaces can work in tandem with the Earth, not against it.