Fazzini (Italy) / SUPERHOTEL


SUPERHOTEL is the new special project curated by Giulio Cappellini. An International and yet deeply Italian hotel that mixes specially made top handicraft and industrial products. A restaurant with different areas describes the world’s cuisines, whereas various types of suites, a large lounge and a gym complete the project. Technology and products intersect one another in a totally natural and contemporary way. A design hotel where you can feel at home anywhere in the world, under the name of diversity with a completely different vision to the uniformity the of hotels of any category.


Fazzini on show at  SUPERHOTEL:

Rediscover the naturalness of traditional home linens and the charm of time-honoured craftsmanship, exalting the beauty of natural fibres with linen revered above all others to reawaken traditional rural patterns. This is how Fazzini renews the UNICO collection, rekindling the desire for elegance and simplicity, with references to the past and the lived-in appearance of fabrics bringing personality to contemporary atmospheres. UNICO is the yarn-dyed linen quilt duvet cover coloured with a discretely refined tone-on-tone effect. Geometry gives free rein to its features, from thin lines to far more distinct ones.

Jacquard-weave fabric with contrasting back for POISRIGHE and TRIANGOLI towels.