Learning to make sustainable choices with the support of products that arise from the well-assimilated circuit of the circular economy.

This is the scenario proposed by Materially, which deepens its research on eco-sustainable and reclaimed materials each season and does so this year by invoking the concept of wonder in a magical and interactive installation. Among others, interesting is the use of concrete in combination with resin for benches in the Building Progress for People and Planet project by Holcim (Italia), a manufacturer of building concrete that, while proposing other natural concrete objects, indicates a trend along with innovative and sustainable solutions. 

Entering into the smart home thanks to the large interactive space dedicated to Samsung appliances with sustainability zones and more.       

Getting used to the automotive of the future, naturally electric, which does not pollute, does not make noise, drives autonomously, scans obstacles, warns of dangers, provides security, and is constantly connected. Lexus has been researching this for 15 years and will be at the Superdesign Show 2023 with Shaped by Air by architect Suchi Reddy, who, inspired by the craftsmanship of the Lexus Electrified Sport coupé, gives a scale interpretation of it, shaped by light and surrounded by vibrant leaf-like sculptures. Also on display are the prototypes produced by the winners of the 2023 Lexus Design Award. And so does the YouPower Bar presented by YouPower -The Energy Company, which with its innovative electric car charging system for both commercial and residential use, brings us closer to the future of e-mobility.  

Reflecting on the environment and understanding that being eco-friendly is a cultural fact that we need to learn from an early age to avoid an even greater disaster for the planet. This is suggested by architect Massimiliano Mandarini, who rethinks work and living environments under the sign of inclusivity and sustainability together with Creative Italy Lab; it is evoked in GN Architetti + Phononic Vibes by Giacomo Nasini’s SoundSpline, an acoustic island, a futuristic high-tech sculpture that is the result of the union of engineering and interior architecture; it is highlighted by the now iconic Fili Project with which Regione Lombardia, FNM, FERROVIENORD e Trenord will regenerate main railway connection centers in urban and suburban areas through architecturally avant-garde and green interventions; it is narrated by FoodDesignStoriesEstETICA FLUIDA, a moving path among sheets unrolling from above like waterfalls, which takes the visitor on a journey around the work of twenty independent designers, who question the issue of water resource protection.  

Getting familiar with digital platforms, virtual experiences, and unreality becoming real, is the other big challenge. The Istituto Marangoni • the School of Design joins us along an immaterial path, making us live tactile experiences through the Metaverse and learn about its students’ most advanced projects. “tactile” experience with our techno pads through the Metaverse and getting us to know the most-advanced projects of its students. Superstudio itself invites us to its Virtual Pavilion, with proposals developed by its team to live the experience of fairs, exhibitions and events with any devices, as if they were in presence. PNA – Pietra Naturale Autentica makes us discover the wonderful Italian marbles in an immaterial way, through images projected on the ledwalls of an emotional cube.