R/EVOLUTION – Superstudio Più

R/EVOLUTION – Superstudio Più

The new Superstudio’s event for the Milan Design Week 2021 at Superstudio Più proposes a r/evolution of our usual format made by great theatrical installations and it is becoming closer to an art exhibition, rather than a fair. We will use the rigour, the harmony and same museum-like care that has always characterized Superdesign Show, to present a series of collective and individual thematic areas, each of them with one independent and competent curator. Areas about the best of Italian and international production, the trends of living today at home and outside, with a focus on female creativity, young people and icons of the beginning of the third millennium. Prestigious brands, famous architects, successful designers and young talents for a special and unique event.


Superdesign Show- Special Edition projects


CULT&MUST 2000/2020 – the new millennium icons
The most recent and iconic pieces signed by prestigious Italian design and lifestyle brands. To mark the history of contemporary design. A con-temporary “museum” that recognizes and historicizes essential and unforgettable pieces that have influenced our life.
With ABTechLab, Alcantara, Alessi, Alfredo Wooden Bicycles, Arper, Baulificio Italiano, Bentley Home, Boffi | De Padova, Caimi, Cappellini, Cassina, Ceramica Flaminia, Cesana, Cinelli, Desalto, Flos, Geberit, Ginori 1735, Gobbetto, Icone Luce, IGV Group, Lamborghini, Living Divani, Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design, Martinelli Luce, Nerosicilia Group, Or.nami, Poltrona Frau, Porro, Technogym, Trussardi Casa, Vanity Fair, Versace Home.
Curated by Giulio Cappellini.


DONNE & DESIGN – female creativity
An extraordinary event aligned with the recognition of Women’s creativity value in many fields and, in particular, in design and architecture. Women architects and designers of great depth present their latest projects in a dedicate pavilion. With the memory of great architects who recently passed away.
Proposals by Adriana Lohmann, Chiara Caramelli, Chie Mihara, Elena Salmistraro, Elena Tamburini, Emiliana Martinelli, Germana Scapellato, Giannella Ventura, Giorgina Castiglioni, Ilaria Marelli, Karolina Tylka, Licia Fusai, Luisa Benato, Noemi Dotolo, Paola Navone, Priscilla Salmi and with Alessi Museum Alice Abi, Claudia Raimondo, Elena Manferdini, Francesca Amfitheatrof, Miriam Mirri, Naoko Shintani, Odile Decq, Patricia Urquiola, Pauline Deltour, Sakura Adachi, Susan Cohn. In addition the tribute to the greats who have recently left us Gae Aulenti – Cini Boeri – Antonia Campi – Gabriella Crespi – Anna Castelli Ferrieri – Giuliana Gramigna – Zaha Hadid – Cinzia Ruggeri – Carla Venosta – Lella Vignelli – Nanda Vigo. Thanks to ISS Facility Services, Pellegrini for the support and Taste of Milano and Martini for catering.
Curated by Silvana Annicchiarico.


OUTDOOR GENERATION – beach on the lawn
A collective exhibition at Superstudio’s art garden that invites visitors to relax: beach furniture and outdoor games proposing solutions to live open air as much as possible. With FAS Pendezza, Ombrellificio Magnani, Urbantime and the participation of Massimiliano Mandarini. Light lunch with Taste of Milano, happy hour with new Martini cocktail. Free coffee tasting with Nescafè.
Curated by Donatela Bollani with the collaboration of Alberto Basaglia e Natalia Rota Nodari.


SUPERCAMPUS – study and work in total freedom with furniture running a double life
Rethink daily activities’ places, times and ways of studying, work and free time, leads to redesigning necessary spaces and tools and perhaps our own mindset. Flexible spaces, interchangeable functions, furniture and innovative solutions after the pandemic.
With Arkof, Boffi | De Padova, Caimi, Caleffi, Cappellini, Ceramica Flaminia, Cristina Rubinetterie, District Eight, Icone Luce, JANUS et Cie, Kvadrat, Olmar, Ornamenta, Technogym.
Curated by Giulio Cappellini.


DISCOVERING – experiments and new technologies
A section dedicated to the wise, contemporary, thoughtful and forward-looking design.
A selection of products and installations where co-design, the meeting between designers and manufacturing companies, engineers and companies, architects and digital craftsmen, students and professors, cultural institutions and creatives generate and regenerate lively, respectful and forward-looking solutions.
With B26lab, Centre for Creativity / Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) FiberEUse, Medaarch, NestArt e AP Designs, Pollini Home, Rufa Rome University of Fine Arts.
Curated by Fulvia Ramogida.


MATERIALLY – increasingly more sustainable and performing
Environmentally friendly materials (now a duty), healthy and intelligent (a necessity), technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing as always. Designers, scientists, technicians and universities amaze us every day with futuristic proposals.
Companies Foliae Surfaces, Hometreschic, YKK and the group exhibition WastEnders curated by Anna Pellizzari are present.
Curated by Chiara Rodriquez, Federica Pastonesi and Anna Pellizzari.


1000 VASES – the thousand faces of the same idea
After Paris and after Dubai, the collection of unique pieces created by hundreds of young international designers arrives in Milan, with a dedicated book published by Skira for sale in our venues and in the best bookstores.
Curated by Francesco Pirrello, art-direction Pierpaolo Pitacco.


SMART HOME – and the house decides for you
The house driven by artificial intelligence is not science fiction, it’s reality. In two independent pavilions interactive installations to discover home automation with three great international brand Haier, Hoover and Candy. Project by Bonsai Ninja.


DREAM CARS – innovation and elegance fly on 4 wheels
The emotion of an iconic brand like Lamborghini awaits in the first pavilion with an interactive installation. A proof showing how design, the purity of forms combined with performance and innovation, are in the DNA of the dream car, which is renewed every time.
Installation project by Carlo Ratti.


HENRYTIMI – artinterior “origine dell’originario”
MMXXI, installation by artist henrytimi, pure materials to return to the original state of things, monochromatic and monomaterial elements to build objects beyond fashion, refined sensibility to design the new. Special Guest.


ART CHALLENGES – artists, exhibitions and special effects
The relationship between design and art through two extraordinary events.
The presentation in Milan of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery, newly born and already a “chain” of homonymous galleries recently opened: three in Forte dei Marmi and a great one in Dubai with its international artists. It presents three exhibitions curated by Ettore Mocchetti at Superstudio: “Surprise! Art tells” with works by Stefano Bombardieri, including the sculpture of a life-size elephant that flies held by a little girl and talking at phone with visitors. In addition, there will also be the group exhibition with artists Manù Alguerò, Mario Arlati, Pablo Atchugarry, Tiziana Lorenzelli, Flavio Lucchini, Antonio Signorini, Gustavo Vélez. In the showcase on the street, the installation “Visions-47 #2” by Nava + Arosio, artists Stefano Bombardieri and Manù Alguerò intervene on the Pila armchair created by the architects for Rubelli Casa.


A PERMANENT PERSONAL MUSEUM – art, beauty and fashion
Another surprise in preview is the opening of FlavioLucchiniArt “personal museum” in his atelier and in the space below. 1,500 square meters with the archive of hundreds works created in the last 30 years and a cultural program and non-profit initiatives to bring a group of sensitive children and categories closer to art and beauty. In the atelier the exhibition “Dialoghi tra Moda e Arte”, completed by images by Luca Gilli, courtesy Paola Sosio Art Gallery. In the museum the permanent collection. Curated by Gisella Borioli.


DIG/ITALY – communication beyond borders
All solutions to live or relive the event online starting from Italy, from Milan. Talks with the protagonists in live web, virtual theatre, private-room for Btob meetings, broadband for all, digital presentation of the book DESIGN SUPER SHOW 2000/2020, online press conference, at-superstudiomagazine.com digital updated in real time, etc.
Coordination by Superstudio Events.


MUSIC AND MORE – the night continues by invitation
Afternoon events on musical and artistic world, and evenings with live performances by musicians from the Italian scene. Musa meeting, an in-depth study on the phenomenon that connects art world and design to the new Cryptoarte market it’s very topical. Organized by Hangar21.



SUPERDESIGN SHOW-Special Edition it’s a project by Gisella Borioli.

with the art direction of Giulio Cappellini and the contribution of several curators.

Many thanks to ISS Facility Services, Pellegrini, IULM University, B26lab, Slide, Morici Collection for the support.