Art is many things, it is not definable, it does not respond to the categories of right or wrong, it is individual expression and anyone can read their own world in it. A roundup of the most iconic examples of this edition highlights its many forms and the tendency, perhaps the most evident, to become an installation.

They are the colorful fabric puppets by the Indonesian Icad, the ceramic miniatures by daamstudio, which overturn the tradition of porcelain dolls by creating strong, almost warrior-like female figures; the shards of various traditions, broken and then united in new and unexpected shapes, the geometric texture of the terracotta vases of ancient wisdom and tradition of Laboratorio San Rocco. But it is also the taste that leads to personalizing one’s household appliance, with graphics from the Toiletpaper collective, for example, or to composing a piece of furniture in an original way, with the colored cubes of Paul Kelley. More and more art becomes installation, dynamic, engaging, made up of surprising lights and scenography, to be photographed and experienced. But it is also in the eye of the beholder: the suggestive silhouette of a lamp emerges from plays of light and shadows, an acoustic island, advanced engineering experimentation where you can take shelter to make a phone call away from the noise, it is transformed into a staircase illuminated skyscrapers, and resembles the New York skyline.