VR, Smart Things, tactile technology, simulations, immersive experiences, experimentation and technology outline the increasingly clear-cut profile of Superstudio, the tech hub of creativity in the Tortona and Milan areas.

The Japanese Forum8 doubles up with earthquake simulators (there is always a queue in front of them), or to take a ride on a roller coaster among the skyscrapers of Garibaldi; in the interactive tech rooms of the Virtual Pavillion, conceived and created by Superstudio engineers, it is possible to observe prototypes of design furniture, haute couture clothes and fashion house models, or interact with avatars, which are nothing more than virtual twins created by flesh and blood individuals; in the comfortable home of Samsung, the future, which is already now, are smart and autonomous appliances. Finally, the Istituto Marangoni capsule gives a truly forward-looking look, where you can go inside to experience “remote sensitivity”, embrace a pillow that gives back the scent of those who are far away, wearing palmtops, touch a flame, caress a surface that is a digital image, but also a concrete sensation, hot, cold, rough, soft. A real experience.

In 12 shots the most interesting proposals of this edition: