Once again, we capture the aesthetic change of objects and furniture, in the name of total freedom, individualism, and eclecticism, in a place where nobody is still judging others except for themselves.  

In the Unexpected Objects area the common thread is surprise, innovation, and non-banality in projects by designers who worked with artists, and artists who acted as designers.  Without forgetting designers who brought their research to the limits of the known. Examples of that are the wood screens of Bottos Design Italia by Sebastiano Bottos and the porcelain of Daamstudio‘s ICONOCLASTIC project, the techno-creatives of Unuslab and Fluente with TERRE EVOLUTE. Evolution of craft workshops, a collection of handmade and 3D ceramic products. The sensory tales from Inside Matter: seatings, acoustic panels and furniture accessories made from polyurethane foam presented without any covering, thus enhancing the comfort of home environments. New insights add to the use of materials: alcarol presents Geomorphic, a series of furniture pieces (seats, poufs, bookcases, consoles) that investigates the processes affecting matter through real trompe-l’oeil also involving touch. The proposal of KARBONY, a young start-up which creates small architectures from carbon filaments, finding a supporting element in the shadow of their own projection, as well as the new kind of polyurethane foam presented by Pelma that, thanks to a circular process of production, is completely sustainable and recyclable. Also, in this section are the 350 colored magnetic coated cubes produced by Abet Laminati from Paul Kelley‘s Re-make, Re-model, Re-imagine project. Finally, back at the Superdesign Show, is Metoda, the Croatian company that presents elegant environments with a style between classic and avant-garde in which tradition and innovation, nature, imagination and technology coexist.