Special Projects

SuperCampus is the new project by Giulio Cappellini for Superdesign Show 2021, a place for working, learning, meeting, recreation and relax. A space that could be anywhere in the world, where users may share the space in a free and flexible way. A place where, the most varied skills meet, in a co-working project. A space, always open, day and night, to fulfil the most different needs. You can work here, study, have lunch, a chat, organize meetings and presentations, relax and take care of your body. Large open and flexible spaces, warm, neutral and natural colours, a lot of green and no actual border between the various areas. Large work tables to share, small stalls for confidential phone or conference calls, large living rooms and no more rigid meeting rooms with just your own pc. Of course bookcases and football or ping pong tables and a fitness area where you can exercise or treat yourself with a break doing yoga. In addition, an outdoor space where you can, in fine days, work or take a break for lunch. This is today’s and tomorrow’s thinking.