What about dedicating the garden, courtyard or terrace the same care as home or work place?


In the huge art garden by the entrance to Superstudio, amid the sculptures by Flavio Lucchini, the installation in the green displays the latest features in outdoor furniture, including the garden accessories by Paolelli Garden, the pieces by Piero Lissoni and Patricia Urquiola for Janus et Cie, and the stone pavements by Nero Sicilia

A biophilic multifunctional and modular veranda by Massimliano Mandarini with Gaviota Pergole Bioclimatiche illustrates the vision of a future that is friendly to nature by exploring new ideas regarding indoor and outdoor environments. This project is the result of research related to the 2030 Agenda for Environments and Human and Green spaces. Additionally, Epta wine and food library, RbM for sustainable heating, Assa Abloy smart automatic doors, and Biscarini Milan.

“A-House” by Tiny Company is a minimalist design house, able to serve a variety of purposes, made of wood and glass, 25 square meters, resulting from a collaboration between the founder Lukáš Otevřel and architect Martin Stára from Perspektiv Studio. A monumental lamp by Jiří  is featured indoors by the designer Jiří Krejčiřík and artist Taja Spassková, along with the drawing by Taja and an element of their furniture in the Art Nouveau collection.

SuperGreen, continues the dialogue begun many years ago by Superstudio of proposing Italian style with a global voice, mixing different large brands of Made in Italy traditions with different environments and personal choices as for SuperLoft (2018), SuperHotel (2019), SuperCampus (2021) and now SuperGreen, a Giulio Cappellini’s project created this year with the collaboration of Massimiliano Mandarini.