Interaction with art has, as usual at the Superdesign Show, an important space and gives to the third word of the theme chosen for this edition, “Imagination”, its fullest sense…  

The refined presentation of TECNOLITE’s for Meljac light switches, staged by the great Milanese architect Dante Benini, transforms them into small golden sculptures, very modern despite their vaguely retro appearance. On a large surface of steel plates with different metal tones by Nichelcrom Lab, lay objects and furniture also made of steel with sculptures and other artworks, proving the great modernity and versatility of this material that continues to be a protagonist even in today’s industrial evolution. 

The black-and-white interplay of the general setting finds its counterpoint in some presences: the group of “cartoon rabbits” by Japanese artist Aki Kuroda for Slide; the large optical sculpture, a recent work by Flavio Lucchini whose complete production is on display at the FLA, Atelier, Museum at the end of the exhibition itinerary, and the rich parade of adorned vases by Laboratorio San Rocco