Once again the topic of female creativity returns: 12 plus 21 authors present a “creative self-portrait” in the language most natural to them, that of design and ideas that enrich the everyday environment.

For the archistar Paola Navone it is “Poetry House”, the imaginative house to be invented, which rests on the ceramic rugs of ABK Ceramiche; for the award-winning designer Ilaria Marelli is the bench-brazier created for Steeles, with minimal and elegant shapes, punctured by infinite holes in a game of solids and voids. For the 21 artists and artisans and the 3 curators Caterina Misuraca, Sandra Faggiano and Valentina Martin of the Food Design Stories collective, it is a set table, ethical for materials and workmanship, with an aesthetic of flowers and clouds floating in the air. And with them, in a sort of design mirror that contrasts each author with her recent design creation, Ana María Gómez, Colombian designer who with “Oruga” proposes furnishing nomadism and portable furniture, conceived as fluid objects that adapt to those who “wear” them. British Malin Iovino tells her family stories with “Expression Through Wave”: colorful furnishings obtained with the ancient Swedish snören loom technique, handed down to her by her grandmother; Camilla and Valentina Gallo, founders of the Jamais Sans Toi laboratory, find themselves in the “Icons of Style”, their jewels, pop and contemporary reinterpretations of ancient Byzantine icons, symbols of a new refinement. Another return is that of Adriana Lohmann who signs for the KLAKdesign startup, “Enjoy”, a modular bench designed for conviviality, fitness and meditation which is, at the same time, a plexiglass writing to hang on the walls or to place on a piece of furniture.

Tina Rugelj is the coasts of her Croatia with “Tales of Adriatic”, five pieces of furniture with a marine inspiration, which tell of the dried wood of the olive trees and the white stone of Braþ with which the tables are made, the fishing nets intertwined with forming lamps; Sabine Baz founder of SABBA Designs finds herself in music, inspiration for “Harmonious Living”, where the graphic precision of Swiss design is combined with the quality of Italian luxury and each object captures and embodies a musical idea or concept. With “Ritual and gestural” Ellesanti makes the jewel the center of a world of integrity and beauty, based on gestures and creative exchange and dedicated to the tactile and visual experience, playful and joyful. Diana Zabarella is the architect who speaks the language of Venice, of the ancient techniques of working glass, wood and fabrics in the “Laguna” collection dominated by the typical green-blue hue. Finally, Laura Zeni, an established artist and designer, draws herself into the fun and ironic furnishing accessories that have made her famous, with silhouettes and profiles of stylized faces inspired by her interior portraits.