SUPERHOTEL is the new special project curated by Giulio Cappellini. An International and yet deeply Italian hotel that mixes specially made top handicraft and industrial products. A restaurant with different areas describes the world’s cuisines, whereas various types of suites, a large lounge and a gym complete the project. Technology and products intersect one another in a totally natural and contemporary way. A design hotel where you can feel at home anywhere in the world, under the name of diversity with a completely different vision to the uniformity the of hotels of any category.

MDF Italia on show at  SUPERHOTEL:

From the living area of a private house, to the catering environments, meeting rooms, lounges, hotels, and working areas: MDF Italia furnishing solutions express at best the collection’s double soul, since they elegantly fit into numerous residential and business contexts.

In the SUPERHOTEL project, MDF Italia celebrates its icons: sophisticated and timeless pieces of furniture featuring a formal quality, originating from a constant research and a higher technical level combined with a special focus on details.

In the wide lounge, two icons from MDF Italia collection stand out: the graphical and ethereal silhouette of Minima 3.0 bookcase by Metrica designed by Bruno Fattorini draws the wall, while the brand new Tense Diamond table by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga, a combination of technological research and Italian craftsmanship, magnetize the visitor’s gaze, conquering him not only through its poetry of colour, but also thorugh its extraordinary size (L400 cm P120 cm), as well as the lightness and thinness of the whole structure.

In the restaurant, the smart and charismatic Flow Slim Colour chair stands out, a collection best-seller, as well as the Rock table, both of them conceived by Jean Marie Massaud.

In the suites, the essential harmony of OMBRE line, coat rack and valet stand by Leonardo Talarico, the functional desk 20.venti by 967 ARCH, the graceful and sculptural bench in painted aluminium Le Banc by Xavier Lust, an extraordinary example of design, material and function, are the symbols of MDF Italia style.