Superstudio Venues

Superstudio was founded in 1983 from the vision of journalist-editors Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli who recognized the need to provide the city with organized and flexible spaces for fashion, communication, and creativity. With its two large and renowned locations, the historic photographic studios Superstudio 13 at Via Forcella 13, and the large multipurpose exhibition and cultural center Superstudio Più at Via Tortona 27, the Superstudio name has become an active part of the city’s excellence, iconic places synonymous with avant-garde, innovation, image, and quality.

Superstudio 13  is the site for fashion’s authorial shots, the first and most famous complex of photographic studios and posing theaters, but also a space for image events, fashion shows, and presentations. Directed since its inception by Danilo Pasqua, it is the privileged center for meeting and exchange among photographers, editors, art directors, stylists, and creatives. In the meantime, it has become an iconic place that has contributed to the growth of the fashion world, the place where the most striking campaigns, the most refined fashion services, and the portraits of the most unreachable international characters are born. There are 13 photographic studios for every need, cyclo, limbo, day-light, gantry crane, modular. Equipment, backdrops, and scenography rental are available.

Superstudio Più  is a modern, multifunctional, and cross-sectional multi-location, a large container open to the city and major international initiatives, created to meet the needs of the most vital operators and the public in the fields of fashion, art, design, communication, culture, and entertainment, all activities that are increasingly found to interact with each other. Large, flexible spaces, darkened or day-light, divisible or combinable, with heating and air conditioning, ideal for major events, exhibitions, conventions, fairs, fashion shows, corporate and private parties, performances, covering up to 10,000 m².

Superstudio Maxi, located in Via Moncucco in Milan, is a new hub for art, design, fashion, lifestyle, innovation, culture, and communication. It is an open space for private and public events powered by renewable energy. With 10,000 m² of space and a ceiling height of 8 meters, Superstudio Maxi offers maximum expressive freedom in the design of large-scale events of any type.

Superstudio Village is the ideal innovative solution for spectacular film and television productions, but also for physical or digital events. Acquired in 2022, this venue is located in the Goccia urban park in the Bovisa district. The conservative restoration of the building preserves the productive soul and the architecture of the wire drawing mill active until 2016. A characteristic that will make Superstudio Village the reference point for high-level national and international projects, promoting the economic development of the area in synergy with established institutions such as the Politecnico di Milano.