Superdesign Show


Design and its representation: where do they go?

In 2023, SUPERDESIGN SHOW, Superstudio’s annual event, features spectacular and demanding installations that while inform us with the latest innovations of a selected international production, they also anticipate questions and answers on the functions of the world of the future. INSPIRATION INNOVATION IMAGINATION is the theme of this edition, which includes sections dedicated to the hottest topics of design and creativity. TODAY IS ALREADY TOMORROW: choices become sustainable thanks to the support of products from the well-integrated context of the circular economy, the home is smart, and the automotive embraces the electric revolution. We sense the aesthetic change of objects and furnishings, in the name of total freedom, individualism, and eclecticism, where nobody judges others beyond himself in the UNEXPECTED OBJECTS section. STARS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW speaks of next-generation design, where the authors are rising talents to keep an eye on. Interaction with art plays once again a significant role this year and gives our third-word “Imagination” its fullest meaning thanks to the exhibitions and installations in the section IN THE NAME OF ART. ASIAN R-EVOLUTION, the section reserved to significant participations from Asia over the years, strikes us with a collection of concrete proposals where tradition meets modernity and lets us to be in constant connection with what happens in the other part of the world. Finally, the section OTHER HORIZONS, where to experiment, discuss, meet, and exchange on the key-words INSPIRATION INNOVATION IMAGINATION, by setting further the final target.

A project by Gisella Borioli with the artistic direction of Giulio Cappellini.